Achieving Your SMI Physical Health Check Target


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People with severe mental illness (SMI) face health inequalities and are less likely to have their physical health needs met. People with SMI are three times more likely to smoke, have double the risk of obesity and diabetes and a higher risk of cardiovascular issues. As part of the NHS England’s Five Year Forward View, Integrated care boards have been targeted to achieve 60% of the population with SMI on the GP register to be offered NICE-recommended screening and access to physical care interventions.

Patients with SMI should have an annual physical health check comprising of 6 core elements to be completed: Blood glucose and blood cholesterol levels checked, BMI and blood pressure recorded, smoking status and alcohol consumptions recorded. At CEG, we thrive to assist GP practices and Mental Health Improvement Leads to achieve the 60% target by producing dashboards clinical templates and supported by facilitation visits.

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