Improving Data Quality, Demand and Capacity Management


Stream 1 - EQ3 - EMIS NUG

Within General Practice huge steps have been made in improving coding data quality and prevalence reporting of long-term conditions over the last 20 years. However, in the areas of access activity and workload, general practice has lagged behind other parts of the NHS. The pressures in accident and emergency (A&E) services are immediately visible to commissioners and policymakers through almost real-time data, but primary care activity data is often only available for retrospective study and, even then, there are significant known issues with the data quality of the basic building blocks of primary care activity data.

The Clinical Effectiveness Group in partnership with North East London ICB Quality Improvement team have produced a package of support for practices including a Good Practice Guide to address some of these difficulties. Use of Edenbridge Apex dashboard is being enabled and additional data is being provided by the local BI team on roles and encounters activity. A new incentive scheme has also been introduced across the region and practices are receiving on-site support to implement all of this.

We believe this will enable practices to better understand their own activity and workload across the month and during the year. Help to Identify pressure points that need mitigating for the benefit of staff and patients and to plan deployment of extra and existing staff. We will demonstrate how this support and guidance is benefiting practices and networks in managing capacity

Senior Facilitator
Clinical Effectiveness Group Manager
Primary Care Facilitator
Tower Hamlets GP and clinical lead for the North East London ICB Enabling Quality Improvement in Practice (EQUIP) programme